Consulting Services

Barton Associates can provide an in-depth, unbiased, situational analysis and layout of your painting system needs and requirements.

We are only concerned with your throughput of production, quality, plant space available, personnel requirements and lowest capital investment; never with a brand name or unrelated products not specified.

Our goal is to provide the best possible equipment for the painting system your company requires.


Barton Associates provides consulting services for all phases of coating systems design and installation, including:

  • Feasibility Studies: assisting in production planning for future or existing requirements.
  • System Layout: system design and engineering to meet the specific requirements of your product and finishing needs.
  • Expansion or Upgrading: upgrading your existing equipment for increased production or compliance with fire, environmental or safety regulations.


Impartial and objective
Professional Service from concept,
through design and purchase
Over 50 years of equipment
integration experience in the painting systems industry